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  1. 1.Samosa $ 4.99

    Mixed vegetable stuffed in a deep fried pasty shell

  1. 2.Vegetable Pakora $ 5.99

    Vegetables mixed with chickpeas flour and deep fried.

  1. 3.Chicken Pakora $ 8.99

    Diced Chicken marinated on fresh garlic, lemon juice, green chillies, battered fried in chickpea flour

  1. 4.Papadum $ 0.99

    Roasted crispy lentil flour water


Our chicken is marinated by hand individually with fresh herbs and seasoning. Slow roasted to perfection on high grade rotisserie. enjoy your meal with Rice and Salad.

  1. 5.Dark Quarter Dinner  $ 11.99

  2. 6.White Quarter Dinner $ 12.99

  3. 7.Half Chicken Dinner $ 15.99

  4. 8.Family Meal $ 46.99

    Whole chicken, rice, salad, chicken curry and 2 naan.


All tandoor dishes are marinated in delectable spiced sauce for 24 hours before cooking.

  1. 9.Lamb Sheek Kabob $ 12.99

    Minced lamb with onions and herbs roasted in skewers in our traditional clay oven. Served with salad and


  1. 10.Chicken Sheek Kabob $ 11.99

    Marinated Chicken Minced in fresh coriander, garma masala, garlic and broiled on open fire. Served with

    salad and chutney.

  1. 11.Tandoori Platter $ 13.99

    Assorted pieces of chicken Tikka, lamb and chicken kebab. Served with salad and chutney.

  1. 12.Chicken Tikka $ 15.99

    Tender juicy pieces of chicken barbequed on skewers in the tandoor. Served with rice and salad.

  1. 13.Tandoori Chicken $ 12.99

    Tender half a chicken marinated to our own special recipe, barbequed in the tandoor and served with salad

    and chutney

CHICKEN DISHES (All chicken dishes served boneless)

  1. 14.Butter Chicken $ 12.99

    Tender boneless pieces of bbq chicken, cooked in an authentic rich tomato based gravy enriched with fresh

    cream and butter.

  1. 15.Chicken Vindaloo $ 12.99

    A Chicken curry prepared with extra vindaloo masala, slightly sour and hot.

  1. 16.Chicken Curry $ 11.99

    Tender pieces of chicken cooked with tomato, pimiento, onion and other spices. Served in its own gravy.

  1. 17.Chicken Karahi $ 12.99

    Fresh boneless chicken in a wok (karahi) with fresh tomatoes, green chillies, green coriander, fresh ginger and


  1. 18.Chicken Korma $ 11.99

    A chicken curry cooked in rich coconut creamy gravy and yoghurt with distinctive flavors and spices.

  1. 19.Chicken Tikka Masala  $ 12.99

    Diced succulent chicken roasted on skewers in the tandoor then cooked with cream and yoghurt and tomato,

    garnished with almond nuts.

  1. 20.Chicken Jalfrezi $ 11.99

    Tender pieces of chicken cooked with fresh ground spices sauteed with tomato onions and capsicums.


  1. 21.Chili Chicken $ 13.99

    Marinated chicken cubes, deep fired and prepared Hakka style in green chili-based soya sauce.

  1. 22.Orange Chicken  $ 12.99

    Deep fried chicken cubed and preapared Hakka style in sweet and sour orange glaze.

  1. 23.Chicken “65”

    Deep fried shredded chicken, stir fried Hakka style w/ special mustard & fresh curry leaves infused in 65 sauce.


  1. 24.Lamb Karahi $ 13.99

    Fresh lamb pieces in a wok with fresh tomatoes, green chillies, green coriander, fresh ginger & capsicums.

  1. 25.Lamb Madras $ 13.99

    Lamb Curry prepared with red chillies and extra hot spices in the Madras or South Indian Style

  1. 26.Lamb Hariyali $ 13.99

    Tender boneless pieces of lamb cooked in pureed fresh garden spinach flavoured with fresh herbs.

  1. 27.Lamb Curry $ 12.99

    Chunks of lean, tender lamb fried with tomato, pimiento, onion and other spices. Served in their own sauce.

  1. 28.Lamb Do-Pyza $ 12.99

    Cubes of lamb spiced, cooked with onions, fresh tomato, ginger, garlic and garnished with diced onions.


  1. 29.Shrimp Masala $ 14.99

    Fresh shrimps fried with onions, tomato and special spices. Served in it’s own gravy.

  1. 30.Fish Masala $ 13.99

    Boneless fish cooked with our medium spices, sliced tomatoes and chopped onion and thick sauce.


  1. 31.Aloo Gobi $ 10.99

    Fresh Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes, garnished with fresh chopped coriander & ginger.

  1. 32.Channa Masala $ 9.99

    Chickpeas cooked with special spices and herbs in tangy sauce.

33.Mixed Vegetable Korma $ 10.99

    Mixture of assorted fresh vegetables and capsicums cooked dry in thick gravy.

  1. 34.Daal Fry $ 10.99

    A puree of yellow and red lentil with spice and garnish with fried onion and garlic.

  1. 35.Palak Paneer $ 11.99

    Sauteed spinach cooked in onions, ginger, fresh tomatoes topped with homemade cheese.

  1. 36.Okra Masala $ 10.99

    Fresh Okra cooked with Indian spices and herbs.

  1. 37.Paneer Tikka Masala $ 11.99

  2. 38.Daal Makhani  $ 11.99

    A harmonious combination of black lentils, tomato, ginger and garlic simmered overnight. Finished with butter

    and fresh cream.

  1. 39.Mutter Paneer $ 11.99

    Cubes of homemade cheese cooked with fresh green peas in tomato based gravy. Finished with cream.


  1. 40.Lamb Biryani $ 14.99

    Lamb pieces cooked with fragrant rice nuts, raisins flavoured with saffron exotic herb spices.

  1. 41.Chicken Biryani $ 13.99

    Classic Mugial dish of curried boneless chicken cooked with basmati rice, exotic herb and spices, topped with


  1. 42.Vegetable Biryani $ 11.99

    Fragrant rice cooked with fresh garden vegetables with exotic herb and spices.

  1. 43.Kashmeri Pulao $ 5.99

    Basmati fried rice with fresh garden vegetables and exotic herbs and spices.

  1. 44.Peas Pulao $ 5.99

    Basmati rice with peas fried in butter and spices.

  1. 45.Basmati Rice Pilaf $ 3.99

    Basmati white flavour rice with cardamons, cinnamon and saffron.


  1. 46.Naan Bread $ 2.50

  2. 47.Roti Bread $ 2.50

  3. 48.Garlic Naan Bread $ 2.99


  1. 49.Raita  $ 2.99

    Yoghurt mixed with shredded cucumber

  1. 50.Mixed Pickles $ 1.99

    Mixed pickles with limes

  1. 51.Onion Salad $ 2.99

    Onion and green chillies


  1. 52.Kheer $ 3.99   

    Indian sweet made with rice, milk, almonds flavoured with cardamon

  1. 53.Gulab Jamun $ 4.99

    Delicious dessert prepared from deep fried cottage cheese balls dipped in sweet syrup

  1. 54.Rasmalai $ 4.99

    Homemade cheese balls sweetened in milk and flavoured with rose water and nuts.


55. Softdrinks $ 1.99

  1. 56.Masala Tea $ 2.99

  2. 57.Plain Tea $ 2.50

  3. 58.Bottled Water $ 1.99

  4. 59.Fruit Juices $ 2.50

    Orange, apple , mango, guava and lychee.

  1. 60.Lassi $ 3.99

    Sweet or Salty


Chicken Rotisserie

Lamb Sheek Kabob

Butter Chicken

Chicken Jalfrezi

Lamb Karahi

Lamb Madras

Shrimp Masala

Aloo Gobi

Mixed Vegetable Korma

Chicken Biryani

Naan Bread